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  MrDoctorDIV: Ashe vs Godyr 1v1 in Howling Abyss, who wins? By how much?
  Cassandrawr: Manboobs<3
  Itsyboom: Well, now we have Mermaid Man. Zhail has shelly manboobs.
  Cassandrawr: I miss the bunny man QQ
  EthanBenard: Fine for me as well, looks great on max settings.
  abenntt: Fine for me
  Unspeakable: dirty bomb is having performance issues with quite a few people it seems. It was even maxing out my processor, which it's never done before.
  Unspeakable: and apparently abenntt is a fan of the furries.
  Unspeakable: perfecto.
  abenntt: P|0><
  abenntt: Bunny boobs P
  Itsyboom: so Unspeak... is this background family friendly enufff for ya?
  Kyuubikku: even if women did use those, men would still not take the hint 90% of the time woo sexism
  nezroy: Pick up lines for women stolen from reddit...
  frostmyflakes: Yay Dirty Bomb come quick
  Cassandrawr: DIRTY BOMB IS COMING BACK FOR STAY ON SERVICE Yeeeah! Dirty bomb and hardline. best month EVER. :3 pewpewpew
  MrDoctorDIV: It's Chester See o: *fanboy swoon*
  Kyuubikku: WElcome to Lake of Tears Nez!
  Itsyboom: i got hardline
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