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We now have a GW2 Guild Hall Arena!

Thanks for all your hard work Niceclan!

Tuesday Nite streaming with Chameleon

Join Chameleon and crew on Tuesday nights for some fun times

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GW2 Spotlight

Guild Treasury Reimbursement rates/items have changed! See this thread for details.

Don't forget to collect the ore and lumber nodes in the Guild Hall daily! Also a good time for HoT owners to get their guild buff from the bartender.

  PurpleDuck: Anyone play H1Z1?
  nezroy: Aetherium cap upgraded to 5000 so you can donate that bloodstone brick now Lifeless
  Itsyboom: Monk discovers the ALE in the PVP Stronghold
  MrDoctorDIV: TWO MORE WEEKS. In other news, my car broke down again.
  Pleepleus: Another Blacklight patch today weighing in at 83Mb for anyone interested!
  nezroy: In case you missed the arena upgrade, here is a short video of the event:
  nezroy: GTR rates/items changed... removed PvP Pots, added Mystic Crystals, and removed a few other items not needed in large amounts right now.
  Cracker: So I tried to play killing floor 2. and then this happens
  Niqqles: Doesn't seem like they fixed much, even more stuff seems bugged now :l
  Pleepleus: Thanks for the heads up PurpleDuck!
  PurpleDuck: It 404'd
  Pleepleus: For those of you still playing Blacklight, we got a "Stability Patch" yesterday, quite a few fixes:
  Itsyboom: Last couple mins of that first raid boss... this group killed 'em with 1 sec left & everyone down!
  nezroy: A couple of neat sites that use the GW2 API keys to produce fascinating data about your account: and
  nezroy: All the new skins/gear stuff in HoT; (spoilers):
  PurpleDuck: Gems are truly outrageous.
  chameleonhidden: Nezroy bubble chameleon is so adorable!
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