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Kyuubikku streams. There are no words for his awesomeness.

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Itsyboom / Aug 04, 2016

Dukejoejoe has passed his driver's license. Way to go!
Super Congrats to ChameleonHidden on finishing school. She has begun her job hunt! Best of luck!
Honorable mention goes to Konan who began BASIC TRAINING! Make us proud Konan!


Overwatch has released a Summer Games soccer mode!
Lots of new loots too! For a peek of the possibilities check out Unspeak's loot on twitter. Tweet 1 Tweet 2
Dreadnought is in closed beta... who is planning to play?
GW2 started Living Season 3 came out.
Talk to a Council Member or Founder to claim your spot in the Guild Hall!
WoW Legion pre-expansion comes out August 9 and release is August 30

Upcoming Clan Event-
Return of the movie night! Right now we are planning to make it the first Friday of each month! This month's will be Scouts vs. Zombies on August 5th. Please post your suggestions and requests in the Movie forum. Thanks!

Unspeakable's Birthday is August 21! Give him a follow on Twitter!

Coloring Pages Link of the month

To get you in the spirit for the USA election, here are some political coloring pages!

Dedication- honoring commitment, loyalty and allegiance to NICECLAN!

The August Newsletter is dedicated this month to Kyuubikku. Niceclan thanks you for your catalytic instigations of boisterous gaiety. May you continue to kill Itsy in all the games forever and ever, amen.
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