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Movie Night Oct. 17: Ghost In The Shell

BatÙ: There's nothing sadder than a puppet without a ghost, especially the kind with red blood running through them.

Sunday Nites of Horror with Konan

Watch Konan scream like a babe and swear like a sailor. Sunday Nights All October!

2015 Niceclan Costume Contest! $50

Pics Due Oct. 31 midnite EST

Wildstar now Free to Play

Wildstar goes F2P. A very fun MMO with interesting combat; definitely worth a look now that it's F2P.

Oct 10 Movie: Battle Royale

Survival: Japanese school children style.

Friday Nite streaming with Chameleon

Join Chameleon and crew on Friday nights for some fun times

Hang out with Cassandrawr on Twitch!

Follow Cass on Twitch to find out when she is streaming next!
  Unspeakable: from what i've seen and read there are still patterns in CS
  Itsyboom: Thanks for Karka Hunt for Princess tonite Cracker and everybody!
  tigerclaw: Niqqles hipfiring in CSGO does have a very specific pattern
  nezroy: Karka Hunt/Princess run tomorrow at 8pm MDT in Lion's Arch. If you can get to Lion's Arch, you can participate.
  nezroy: No, hipfiring should not have a pattern. You shouldn't be able to reliably hit anything while hipfiring, ever.
  Niqqles: Hipfire should have a pattern at least. But GitS is just terrible. Even CSGO with its huge learning curve has some sort of pattern.
  nezroy: ... hipfiring SHOULD be terrible.
  Kyuubikku: Yeah but the problem there is that you have to ADS. Hipfiring is absolutely terrible.
  nezroy: Tapfiring while zoomed on the m4 seems pretty accurate most of the time but I dunno I haven't played a ton...
  Niqqles: 8th that. Hipfire is like wtf. Complete randomness, no sort of pattern to control
  Meriot: I'm gonna have to second that, Kyuu. Hit registers are bonkers in FA...Sometimes it seems it takes 3 hits, others, a clip and a half
  Kyuubikku: Also, that's the most arcadey "tactical" shooter I've ever played.
  Kyuubikku: Holy fucking shit the guns in GitS are less accurate than a blind stormtrooper
  nezroy: Making an alt on Entity-2 to avoid the killer lag. See here for details:
  Itsyboom: Can't even log into Wildstar, but made a forum for it.. also thread for Ghost In the Shell Beta at
  EBIYASHA: I have a dominion character as well. Mechari Engineer, name is EBI YASHA
  Cracker: I have a Dominion character in Wildstar now. Chua medic. name is The Cracker
  Kyuubikku: I went Dominion in WildStar. Human Medic. Surprise surprise.
  Cracker: I am 'Cracker' in GitS: First Assault
  Itsyboom: Lifeless (and new Niceclanners!) Check out our music thread
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