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Itsyboom / Jan 26, 2015

So after 2 years, there has been an overhaul of the teamspeak groups and permissions to better reflect our current clan family relationships. Here's a basic list of the changes.

Create temporary channels.

Have niceclan permissions.
Move each other, members or guests.
Kick and ban members or guests.
Edit descriptions.
Add people to some groups (like birthday or sticky.)
Create semi-permanent channels with passwords.

Have niceclan and mentor permissions.
Change the banner & welcome message.
Change the password to enter a channel (please be respectful.)
Move, kick and ban each other.
Join a spacer.
Create permanent channels with special permissions.
Type in server chat.
Approve applications to nice on the website and give clan group in teamspeak.

Is only Nezroy. (Itsy now has same permissions as the other leaders.)

We tried to test a bunch, but if you find permissions that are broken, please let Itsy know. Also, here is the current list of leaders and mentors. Thanks!

  MrDoctorDIV: All you need is love
  MrDoctorDIV: I'd buy in on a four pack
  Cassandrawr: Meh i bought h1z1 before i saw that. so not yet. Lol
  Itsyboom: Who's gonna play Toxikk with me?
  Itsyboom: Fluffy... you must be educated in the ways of the niceclan... that is p3nis. k, thanks. Also Naproxen is my friend and I feel better so F U MUTHAFUCHEES. You are all gonna be so sick of me... by like tomorrow.
  Fluffyninja69: penis
  MrDoctorDIV: Hahahahahahaaaaa.... "best"
  Unspeakable: i got a possibly working evolve closed beta key if anyone's interested.
  Unspeakable: you know, i take it back. it's not purple, it's just plain beautifull.
  EBIYASHA: As the best League player in Nice Clan, the League of Legends chatroom |Nice| is actually official, but it really isn't.
  Unspeakable: a bit more of a pinkish-purple than i was think of.
  Kyuubikku: As a Leader of Niceclan, I officially dub the League of Legends chatroom titled |Nice| semi-kinda-not-really-official
  MrDoctorDIV: Semi-official [since I don't speak for Nice] nice chatroom in League is |Nice|
  Itsyboom: Official niceclan tag in dirtybomb is <3. (cuz no space after clantag so NICE looks funny with our usernames)
  Itsyboom: if you are looking to see if you got a Dirtybomb code... CHECK YOUR SPAMFOLDER roar
  Cassandrawr: Hi :3 I like Dirty Bomb. sign up for beta please! Super fun pewpew game!!!!
  Unspeakable: Tufivxkzdzkesocfxo dcfxrxlyvo
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