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  MrDoctorDIV: I finished moving, it's just settling in and stuff. I'll be with you guys maybe tomorrow, if not then Tuesday.
  EBIYASHA: All hail the sky whale!
  Unspeakable: ALL HAIL PANDA!!
  Detrimew: Moisten my dough <3
  Kyuubikku: Oh my lord I'm already level 41 in Tera.
  xxmonk: Have a good weekend nice o/
  Unspeakable: fine, i guess I'll install Tera.
  Itsyboom: BISCUITS!
  MrDoctorDIV: not
  MrDoctorDIV: Absolutely
  Itsyboom: Can you do the splits?
  Cassandrawr: "Don't be a dick" "get dirty"
  Cassandrawr: I told you allll so much fun! Wish you could experience more of the mercs though. Soon tm!
  Kyuubikku: I legitimately wasn't expecting to have as much fun as I did in Dirty Bomb. Lookin forward to the next beta.
  Unspeakable: so now that we're all recovering from a little radiation sickness, did everyone have as much fun as I did in Dirty Bomb?
  Itsyboom: <3 <3
  MrDoctorDIV: I got into the Dirty Bomb beta, downloading now..
  Cracker: Kyuub I am playing a shit ton of dirty bomb
  Kyuubikku: Sorry guys looks like I have to retire from league now #roundnumbers #league #hashtagslut #tumblrnumbersign
  Itsyboom: yeah yeah yeah let's play the dirty bomb BOOM!
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