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RIP Blacklight Tournament by BCL

Aug 9, other info TBA
  Itsyboom: Happy Birthdat Cass... sorry wasn't there for it...miss you!
  tigerclaw: Happy birthday Cass!
  Cassandrawr: Thanks frank! I will sing all the birthday songs <3 lol so nice!
  AOFrankB: LET US ALL RISE A SING HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO CASS, on second thought lets not and just wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Let there cake and Ice Cream, Gifts of every shape and size, and lets us not forget a few to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY CASS
  Itsyboom: Blacklight Tourney tomorrow put on by TooL
  Antelopes: And for you guys trying to find a good website to watch movies on I think was a good one.
  Antelopes: Im back, back again.
  Itsyboom: GenesisHD of TooL wants to scrim in CSGO see forums plz
  Kyuubikku: I'm legal to drink in every province now
  Herolies: Why not stream the movie?
  Cassandrawr: Jk. I guess they were getting busted so I will try to find another website. Or google is still our best friend! If anyone is having trouble finding a show or movie they want to watch let me know! I can find links for you <3
  Herolies: Does anyone play Vindictus? i'm thinking on Re installing it again.
  Cassandrawr: Noobroom is dead for now as far as all of you know. For now <3 heehheehehehehehee. <3
  Cassandrawr: YAY Happy Birthday Kyuubikku!!!!! <3 Have an awesome day!
  tigerclaw: Happy birthday Kyuubi
  Itsyboom: noobroom is dead I repeat noobroom is dead
  CptSnuggl3z: Do you guys still use Noobroom9, I've been having trouble getting in...even tried Noobroom 7 and 5 (God knows how many more there are)
  AOFrankB: Have you played BLR lately...maybe PWE should watch this.
You do not have permission to shout
by Itsyboom on Jul 26, 2014 at 02:42 PM

"Hello everyone my name is Tiger, I am a gamer since i've been 3 years old. Starting on the first mario games and now on pc gaming."

Check him out on twitch at and add him on steam as TigerHDGaming.