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Guildwars 2 Raids with Nezroy on

Watch your guildies raid each Friday night 8:30pm Mountain Time

Random Fun Times with CassandrawrTV on Twitch

Cass streams mostly FPS, but sometimes does MMOs and even indie games!

Monday Nite streaming with Chameleon

Join Chameleon and crew on Monday nights 6:30pm - 10:00pm CST for some fun times!
Itsyboom / Apr 05, 2016
Hello Nice People!!

Battleborn open beta starts April 8th! Details here.

April's Nice Awards are out! YEAH!

Congrats John of the Banks and Cracker- winners of the Nice Silly Video Contest. All the entries were super- check out the entry playlist!

GW2 Super Adventure Box event is on until April 19. The new super glider is pretty cute!

Blacklight Community League Spring Tournament is April 9.

Nice has had a resurgence in Warframe! Come play! 10 reasons you should play Warframe.

Overwatch open beta starts May 5th. Details here.