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  Cassandrawr: Did you download it from there? The game is only 8 gigs as far as I can tell. and you need to download glyph with it? now sure what you downloaded.
  Unspeakable: It's been almost an hour and archeage still idnt working, it took up 30 g of my harddrive. Im not going to try this untill next week.
  Cracker: link for the game
  Unspeakable: Look up the game due process
  Unspeakable: never really payed attention to that.
  Unspeakable: so i just realized that Jen Taylor, the voice of Cortana in Halo, also voices zoe in Left 4 Dead, as princess Peach, and in F.E.A.R.
  Unspeakable: me and Div will not be here this weekend.
  Itsyboom: Happy Birthday Candyman
  Itsyboom: Background made by MadDragon
  MadDragon or whatever: Minimum is pretty kickass yes
  Kyuubikku: As Cass said, there are a multitude of bugs, but it's nothing short of playable and most certainly a blast.
  Kyuubikku: Pick up Minimum if you have a chance. Absolutely worth the low price.
  MrDoctorDIV: Nope
  WalnutTarts: Check out Screencheat. The whole idea is that everyone is invisible, but you can see everyone else's screen
  Cassandrawr: Minimum was fun. Tons of bugs but its so fun! I can not wait to see what they add and what they fix. I think it is worth it.
  Unspeakable: i did a bit of digging and the only downsides currently are that the UI lags a bit and graphics are still being optimized. the majority of the 1,200-1,500 people playing it currently say it's worth it though.
  Itsyboom: It looks pretty cute. See note on Cronos in forums.
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