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Sat Movie Nite Dec 20: The Great Gatsy

10pm EST
  MrDoctorDIV: Was just gifted it.
  MrDoctorDIV: Anyone play Space Engineers?
  SuperSwag: Woot Movie Nite
  Itsyboom: xoxoxoxo
  Cassandrawr: )
  abenntt: xD cass!
  Cassandrawr: gg
  MrDoctorDIV: Soooooooo I finally found this girl on Facebook, months after meeting her..
  MrDoctorDIV: kdufhbgvlnjdshcnflh
  Adventurist8: D: So mean...
  MrDoctorDIV: Shutup, I don't want your excuses
  Itsyboom: hi. hurt my back stuck in bed can't sit at computer. miss niceclan bunches. should be back in a few days if I can resist picking up my kids and heal. hugs to you all.
  abenntt: I like both :/
  Kyuubikku: I prefer Lays.
  Detritos: Everyone enjoy a bag of me :^)
  Kyuubikku: just caught em mid change I spose
  Kyuubikku: when I said that it was all black and grey and dark blue
  Unspeakable: whooaaa! Green! blue!
  Cracker: what are you talking about, it is easy to read with this color scheme
You do not have permission to shout