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Sat Nite Movie 300 Rise of an Empire

9pm EST

Retro Fridays in Team Fortress 2

Join us for some crazy silly nostaglia

RIP Blacklight Tournament by BCL

Aug 9, other info TBA
  tigerclaw: Happy birthday Kyuubi
  Itsyboom: noobroom is dead I repeat noobroom is dead
  CptSnuggl3z: Do you guys still use Noobroom9, I've been having trouble getting in...even tried Noobroom 7 and 5 (God knows how many more there are)
  AOFrankB: Have you played BLR lately...maybe PWE should watch this.
  Unspeakable: what's TooL's teamspeak?
  abenntt: Cass you are in my prayers
  abenntt: GOOSING
  GenesisHD: The CS:GO server is up, itsy has the info... just came back online recently.
  Herolies: nvm
  Herolies: What did OrangeFanta do? wasn't on yesterday.
  AOFrankB: Sorry Boys And Girls the Menage a trois has been cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control
  Herolies: Happy Birthday Tenacious Dan and Mr.ANON
  Itsyboom: Happy Birthday TenaciousDan and Mr.Anon!!!!
  Herolies: Birthday*
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