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Random Fun Times with CassandrawrTV on Twitch

Cass streams mostly FPS, but sometimes does MMOs and even indie games!

Gliders in Tyria, Squad Lieutenants, class balances and more!

January 26 update is a biggie with lots more to come in 2016!

Monday Nite streaming with Chameleon

Join Chameleon and crew on Monday nights for some fun times
GW2 Spotlight

Drop-in guild events (missions and other organized activities) are Wed and Sun at 8:30PM MST. A raid group runs Fri at 8:30PM MST (see thread for details; currently full). We also of course continue to do stuff together during the weekdays too or whenever people are around :)

If you are returning to GW2 after a big break- check out this thread in the forums-

  Cracker: oh, still lasers? ok still not playing it
  Cassandrawr: they did not change much about guns. lol they are still lazers.
  Ashley: Hello, it's me :)
  Unspeakable: played dead game, it's alright. rarely see a laser build now and was actually having fun
  Itsyboom: Hi. You should be able to build when logging into the niceclan creativerse server now.
  Kyuubikku: you missed everything man
  PurpleDuck: Back from Vegas. Sorry if I missed anything important.
  Itsyboom: Have a great day Chameleon! Happy Birthday! <3
  Cracker: I second this addition
  Kyuubikku: NEW TS RULE: If you make a that's what she said joke and no one laughs at it within 10 seconds you get kicked from the server
  Unspeakable: no more jumping of cliffs like an idiot WOOT!
  Itsyboom: <3
  PurpleDuck: Nobody posted the BDO character creation client?
  Unspeakable: i am. it looks interesting
  MrDoctorDIV: Anyone going to sign up for Paragon beta?
  Unspeakable: to clarify because no one heard, in First Assault Party system has been disabled until further notice until the devs make sure it won't mess with auto balance.
  Unspeakable: oh you already posted a
You do not have permission to shout