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GW2 Ranks
These are the ranks in Guild Wars 2 specifically, and how they map to our overall clan organization. We are a multi-game community so ranks higher than Adventurer require participating in our extra-GW2 life (which means, at the very least, registering at the website and hanging out on Discord).

There is absolutely NO requirement that you progress higher than Adventurer if you are just interested in GW2 and not the rest of Nice Clan. You are eligible for all guild activities in-game -- raids, mission nights, PvP teams, etc. -- whatever we are doing, you will have an equal chance to participate!

Initiate - This is where you go when you start. You can use the guild portal. If you aren't a complete asshole, you'll be promoted to...

Adventurer - ...the basic standard rank. You play GW2 with us. You are nice. We think you're totally A-OK. You can claim WvW objectives and start missions.

Clan Member - You have signed up for the website and come into Discord to hang out often. You have applied to Nice Clan on this site and been approved as a member, with all the privileges thereof (access to Minecraft and Creativerse servers and an open invitation to join Nice-branded groups in any other game we play). Itsy has stalked you and found your Facebook profile, home address, Social Security #, and traced your lineage at least 100 years back to noble blood. You can withdraw from the Guild Stash and use upgrades in WvW.

Clan Mate - We love you, and you love us. Also, money helps. You can decorate the guild hall and arena and use world placeables (like banners). You do things other than GW2 with us. Sexy things. Also, other games.

Clan Council - You are helpful and active in creating and organizing clan activities, including those outside of GW2. You have full access to the guild bank and all guild hall options. You can administer PvP teams. You have an extensive presence within our community outside of GW2 and you are on TS constantly. Everyone loves you, or you have paid them handsomely to say so. We trust you implicitly and have bequeathed fortunes to you in our wills.

Founder - If you have questions in GW2, you can contact the founders, nezroy.8492 (Sizzink, Calyzink, Rezzink, Nezzink, Brozink, uh... some other `zinks) or mezamashii.6951 (Itsyboom, Mama Itsy).


If you see Council you can poke them too, but we don't have a lot of active Council people playing GW2 right now. Mostly Nezroy or Itsyboom


Once you are on the website you can participate in the Guildwars 2 forum on this site here. We mostly talk in #mmo text chat in our discord these days.